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I once heard people prefer younger doctors and older lawyers. I hope this is true. After finishing law school and passing the bar exam, I became a lawyer on October 3, 1968. Since then, I worked continuously as either a solo lawyer on in a small firm.

I began my career as a general practitioner, handling matters common to a small town practice: contracts, property, personal injury, civil and criminal trials, appeals, bankruptcy, and domestic relations. After writing Separation and Divorce in South Carolina, A Client’s Guide, in 1979, which sold several thousand copies in local bookstores, I focused more on family court and appeals from family court. By the mid-1990s, I handled only family court trials and appeals.

In the late 70’s, I experienced my own divorce and custody struggle, teaching me things of which I never dreamed it law school nor imagined my early years of practice. I experienced the despair, frustration, and insanity suffered by most divorcing parents. I learned the difference between theory and real life.

Today, in a world where every young lawyer is a specialist, I have the advantage of experiencing multiple areas of law, many of which sometimes come into play in family court. I experienced life as a single father whose visitation with three children included eight consecutive weeks in the summer. I suffered the financial hardship of child support and college educations. These experiences contributed to a better understanding of my clients and a continuing 34-year successful marriage. I have a great relationship with my three children, two daughters-in-law, and seven grandchildren.

My education and my life experience are the keys to my representation of my clients in family court.

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" I write this blog for South Carolina Family Court lawyers. Many non-lawyers think the law is “black and white.” It is not. I intend this blog to raise questions and stir debate among lawyers. "

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