A divorce voids your will, unless that will was made in contemplation of divorce.

The best advice is sign a new will at the time of separation and then another will after your divorce. As a practical matter, almost no one prepares a new will in contemplation of divorce. Also, a marriage will void your will unless it was made in contemplation of marriage. These are issues to discuss with your wills, estate, and probate lawyer rather than your family court lawyer.

"Quickie divorces" in foreign countries or other states may be of doubtful validity and can create more problems than they solve.

Separation often causes boredom and boredom is the best breeding ground for most vices. If you do not smoke, do not start. The same applies to drinking. If you drink, increase neither the amount nor the frequency of your drinking. Gambling is a double-barreled vice. You probably cannot afford to lose and you do not want to create the impression that you can pay a lot of alimony or support or you do not need alimony or support.

You are starting a new life. Plan that life to avoid past mistakes.

Avoid a remarriage on the rebound. I recommend waiting at least one year after the divorce is final. Second marriages often suffer from problems which may be caused by pressures from the first marriage, such as children, alimony and support, or encounters with the previous spouse. Consider a pre-nuptial agreement before remarrying.

Do not make hasty decisions with lasting consequences. Do not change jobs, sell a house, or move to another area without much thought and planning.