Ben Franklin said, “If my enemy would only write a letter.”

Today, he would say, “If my enemy would only post on social media.” I wish it were within my power to erase my client’s internet presence and restrict their internet usage to exchanging emails with me. Family court lawyers spend much time worrying about the inappropriate, insensitive, and stupid comments clients make on social media.

My advice to clients is not to post on social media. If you must post on social media, do not mention your spouse, your children, your paramour, you friends, what you have done, where you have been, what you drank or smoked, what you want to do, or anything interesting or humorous. Do not post any pictures, especially pictures with you and your paramour beside a marijuana plant. Every friend you have on Facebook is a potential witness to some fact or photograph you posted.

If your spouse posts on social media, take and save screen shots on those posts. We can decide later whether they are helpful.

Many lawyers spend a lot of time, money, and effort having computers examined by forensic experts and subpoenaing records from social media or internet providers. I do not. There are better ways to get the same evidence.